Our philosophy is that your success is our success. We are invested in helping your business succeed and grow. Our services and fees are designed to scale with your needs, and can accommodate a Client's unprecedented growth (which was most recently tested in early 2020), but doesn't penalize your business when there are setbacks. 

Our very first Client began as a casual $100/day Amazon Seller, but grew to a multimillion-dollar business. Ecommerce Logistics coninues to grow with all our Clients, and as a result we fully appreciate the value of a Novice Seller, but we're equipped with the resources to manage experienced Sellers with complex operations.  

We've pulled together a wide variety of resources to equip both the novice & expert Seller with all the tools they need to grow & automate their business. The tools & contacts offered include - Sourcing Agents, Design Engineers, Fabrication & Manufacturing Facilities in the US & China, Freight Forwarders, Artists, Photographers, IP & Trademark Attorneys, Amazon Seller Central Experts, 3PL & Fulfillment Facilities, and more. 

Many of these tools & contacts will always be available to our Clients even if they choose not to do business with Ecommerce Logistics long-term. We want our Clients to succeed, but we believe it is disingenuous to gatekeep resources to manipulate Clients into use our services if they are not satisfied with the results. 

It's important to me that our Clients can contact us with ease, so you'll find our contact information readily accessible. We value the personal connections we build with our Clients, and we want nothing more than to develop great partnerships that help our Clients succeed. 

Thanks for reading our story! My name is Josh Secher, the owner/operator of Ecommerce Logistics LLC. I fell into the world of Amazon & online Selling quite by accident many years ago, and after countless frustrating experiences with other 3PLs and fulfillment warehouses I decided to build our own network. I personally find enjoyment in optimizing logistics for our Clients, and nothing makes me happier than solving problems and eliminating unnecessary costs. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read this far. Don't hesitate to contact us with any needs, we'll do our best for you.

-Josh Secher