*FedEx Ground and UPS Ground guaranteed shipments 67% of US for Amazon SFP. Express Overnight and 2-day Shipments have 100% SFP coverage. 
*Carriers may restrict shipping times during peak season.

Refurbishing and Repackaging


  • We actively ship hundreds of packages per week using the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program. We meet all the current requirements as of February 2021, and will meet the updated requirements that Amazon will enact June 2021.
  • We offer aggressive pricing for FedEx and UPS shipments. We can ship USPS, however their prices are fixed. If you prefer FBM (fulfilled by merchant) over FBA (fulfilled by Amazon), or you need to fulfill for your own website, we offer 1 to 3 day Ground shipping to the lower 48 states. We also have great Express shipping rates for next day and 2-day guaranteed deliveries.
  • 3 warehouse locations in Concord, NH, Salt Lake City, UT, and Logan UT.
  • Next day and 2-day delivery via Ground to many states and major cities, including next day delivery to New York City and Boston.
  • Compliant with Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements. Also compliant with current rules that Amazon enacted February 2021. 
  • Same day shipping cutoff is 3pm EST and 3pm MST. If your order is placed before these times they will ship that day Monday thru Saturday.

Amazon's major update to Seller Fulfilled Prime in February 2021. You can read more about it here:


Or here if you don’t have a Seller Central account yet:


We believe Amazon is pushing Sellers towards using FBA. While FBA is great for small items, it’s still not as competitive for items over 5 pounds, or with larger dimensions. There are also several issues with Amazon FBA that most Sellers are very familiar with.

We are already compliant with Amazon’s SFP updates. Our goal is to assist your business in either avoiding FBA altogether, or find the best combination of FBM and FBA for your products.